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Plastic Shim Stock


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Plastic Shims and Gaskets are the worldwide manufacturer and supplier of colour-coded
Polymex® materials. Our Polymex® brand is recognised and trusted worldwide as the
material of choice for shimming, spacing and insulating.

Our Polymex® Polymers are manufactured from high quality polyesters and polypropylenes,
that are colour-coded to identify specific thicknesses. The Polymex® colour and thickness
standard is internationally recognised and used by a wide variety of industries.

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    Polymex® Shim Stock


    Due to its versatile nature, Polymex® has gained international recognition across many industries as the preferred material for high-quality, precision-cut components and gaskets. Polymex® is specified into many premium brand vehicles and a variety of military equipment on land, sea and air, in addition to many other technical applications across a wide range of sectors.

    Please see our colour-coded Polymex® chart below for a full breakdown.

    Where can I purchase Polymex® Polymers?


    The full range of Polymex® polymers is readily available from Plastic Shims & Gaskets, from the UK midlands based manufacturing facility, the home of Polymex®. Plastic Shims & Gaskets has the complete range, in stock and immediately available.

    Please speak with our friendly and experienced team today and find out how Polymex® Polymers are the best solution for your next project.

    Competitively Priced


    As we are market leaders and originators, we are the leading UK manufacturer of polymer precision cut components. We manufacture for many other component suppliers across the UK as well as our customers who buy directly from us. This means we are able to keep prices low for our direct customers.

    Get in touch with our Technical Team today, who will assist you in developing the precision cut component you require.

    Why Use Plastic Shim Stock For Your Precision Cut Components


    As a material, plastic or polymer shim stock is a fantastic alternative to metal as a cost-effective component solution.

    Polymers can be used for a variety of application needs as they have a highly versatile range of desirable properties. Applications of plastic components include; aligning components, reducing reactivity between materials, protecting the join between parts from wear and tear and reducing corrosion. To read more about the key benefits of using our own polymer brand, please use the list below.

    Key benefits of our polymer shim stock include:


    • Unique colour-coding of the material provides instant thickness identification
    • Internationally trusted and recognised products
    • High strength to weight ratio makes them a strong alternative to metallic shims due to
      corrosion resistance and durability
    • Specified in many of the world’s leading aerospace and automotive industries and highly technical sectors
    • Manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards in our high hygiene
      manufacturing facility
    • Highly durable and excellent wear-resistance
    • Excellent insulation properties
    • Chemical and oil resistance
    • Low co-efficient of friction
    • High compressive strength
    • Outstanding product performance
    • Moisture resistant so they will not swell or degrade in harsh or challenging environments
    • Extensive range of temperature tolerances
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    Speak with our friendly and experienced team today and find out how Polymex® polymers are the best solution for your next project.