Metal Shim Manufacturing Specialists

Metal Shim Manufacturing Specialists


Precision cut to your exact requirements

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Fast Worldwide Delivery

High-Quality Materials Used

What are Metal Shims used for?


PSG offers our customers high-quality metal shims, utilising preferable metals such as brass, stainless steel and steel, in various grades and thicknesses.

Metal shims are widely used to reduce the wear and tear between components. These are fitted between parts to adjust their alignment or position. By accurately retaining the correct position of each component, each part is less likely to be worn down overtime and increases the longevity of the machine’s functionality.



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    Wide Range of Materials & Thicknesses Available


    At PSG, we create our parts out of a wide range of quality metals (please see the specifications of these metals in the below table). We have a wide range of thicknesses available to our customers and are able to create the exact component you need for your project.

    Metal Available Thicknesses
    Brass 0.005mm – 3.000mm
    Copper 0.005mm – 3.000mm
    Aluminium 0.005mm – 3.000mm
    Phosphor Bronze 0.005mm – 3.000mm
    Nickel 0.005mm – 3.000mm
    Stainless Steel 0.005mm – 3.000mm
    Steel 0.005mm – 3.000mm

    Precision Cut Components, made specifically for your project


    Why choose PSG for your Metal Shims? We have been established since 1969 and from day one have worked closely with our clients to supply custom-made shims, gaskets, spacers & washers that help to improve the performance of their projects. Our highly-knowledgeable, technical team is available to contact and guide you in selecting the best material and design for the shim you need.



    Worldwide Delivery


    Products manufactured and supplied by Plastic Shims and Gaskets are used in a variety of applications throughout many industrial and technical settings, including Automotive, Aerospace, Bioscience, Medical and many more. With our fast turnaround times and delivery, we ship our products to our clients around the globe and are a leading UK shim supplier.

    Metal Shims at PSG


    Get in touch today to find out more about our metal shims. Our technical team is on hand to support you in delivering your specific requirements.

    Why use a Metal Shim for Your Project


    Our metal shims have many benefits including the use of high quality materials to lengthen lifespan, strengthen impact resistance, and reduce corrosion. Our metal shims are available in a wide range of thicknesses and can be precision cut to your exact requirements. At PSG, we supply our shims to high profile organisations who are world leaders in their respective industries. We are a globally trusted manufacturer, providing unmatched quality and service of metal shims.

    Speak with our friendly and experienced team today and find out how metal shims are the best solution for your next project.