Custom Shims: Precision Cut Shims

Custom Shims: Precision Cut Shims


Precision cut to your exact requirements

Technical Team Available To Support You

Fast Worldwide Delivery

High-Quality Materials Used

Creating The Custom Shim You Need


Working in collaboration with our customers and partners, PSG supply bespoke, custom cut shims and gaskets across the world. With a wide range of high quality materials in a variety of thicknesses available, PSG are well equipped to create the shim or component that you require.

As a leading UK manufacturer of custom shims, you can expect exceptional customer service from our highly-knowledgeable technical team who are on hand to support you in selecting the correct material and design your project needs.


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    Precision-Cut Components


    We offer a comprehensive range of shapes, from simple OD’s/ID’s as well as complex components, made to your exact requirements and specified tolerances.

    Using the latest technology, we ensure your shims are delivered to your exact requirements which are delivered to your deadline. We offer diecutting, precision laser and water jet cutting to ensure that your custom parts are manufactured to precise tolerances.

    All our custom shims are tried and tested to meet industry standards. We work with a wide variety of industries, including Aviation, Automotive, Defence and Marine. Our precision cut components are globally trusted where PSG is a well-known and reliable supplier.


    High Quality Materials


    Once you have made PSG aware of your base material for your project, you can be assured that they will source and provide only the highest quality materials in the market place, to ensure your project is successful.

    Below you will find a selection of our most popular requested materials, however If you’re unable to find the materials you’re looking for, please contact sales and they will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

    Shim Material Available Thicknesses
    Polymex® 0.012mm – 3.000mm
    Kapton® 0.023mm – 0.125mm
    Mylar® 0.012mm – 0.500mm
    Hostaphan® 0.012mm – 0.350mm 
    Melinex® 0.050mm – 0.350mm
    Plastazote® 3.000mm – 50.000mm 
    Teflon™ 0.500mm – 150.000mm
    Klingersil® 0.025mm – 4.000mm 
    Sil Pad®  0.150mm – 0.375mm 
    Gap Pad® 0.254mm – 6.350mm
    Formex™ 0.127mm – 1.570mm
    Nomex® 0.050mm – 0.760mm 
    Gylon® 0.400mm – 6.400mm
    Sepco® 0.397mm – 6.350mm
    Lexan® 2.000mm – 15.000mm
    PTFE 0.500mm – 50.000mm 
    Chorlastic 3.175mm – 6.350mm
    Nylon 0.500mm – 2.000mm 
    Rigid PVC 0.250mm – 6.000mm
    Adhesive 0.050mm – 0.130mnm
    HIPS 0.400mm – 4.000mm

    Speak with our friendly and experienced team today and find out how custom shims are the best solution for your next project.