Custom Plastic Shims

Custom Plastic Shims

Precision cut to your exact requirements

Technical Team Available To Support You

Fast Worldwide Delivery

High-Quality Materials Used

Creating The Custom Plastic Shim You Require


PSG supply bespoke, custom cut, polymer shims and gaskets to their clients across the world. Utilising their own Polymex® Shim Stock, each shim is easily identifiable for its thickness based on the Polymex® colour-coding system.

Simply get in touch with our Technical Team who are on hand to support you in creating the shim you need for your project.


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    How Our Custom Polymer Shims Are Made

    We utilise a range of techniques to ensure your shims are delivered to your exact requirements. We offer die cutting, precision laser and water jet cutting to ensure that your custom parts are manufactured to precise tolerances.

    A Variety Of Polymer Materials Available

    Our custom cut, plastic shims are made out of our own globally renowned Polymex® Shim Stock. Polymex® polymers are manufactured from high quality polyesters and polypropylenes, that are colour-coded to identify specific thicknesses.

    Fast Delivery

    As our Polymex® is manufactured by PSG and shims manufactured in-house, our turn around times are super speedy! As all our customers’ requirements are unique, we always make-to-order. Provided we have the stock you desire available, we can usually work to short lead times, often delivering orders within days!

    PSG, The Market Leaders In Custom Cut Components

    Since 1969, PSG has supplied millions of custom cut components to their clients across the globe. With reputable brands such as NASA, British Army and HM Government relying on the high quality products that PSG produce to execute their innovative and ground-breaking projects. PSG’s custom cut components are used in a variety of applications throughout many industrial and technical settings, including Automotive, Aerospace, Bioscience, Medical and many more.

    PSG, The Innovators Of Colour-Coded Polymer Shims

    Plastic Shims and Gaskets are the worldwide manufacturer and supplier of colour-coded Polymex® materials. Our brand is recognised and trusted worldwide, which is specified in some of the worlds’ most recognised brands and technical applications. Our total commitment to quality, consistency and service has earned PSG international recognition across many industries as the preferred manufacturer of high-quality, precision-cut components and gaskets.

    Precision-Cut Polymer Components

    We offer a comprehensive range of shapes, from simple OD’s/ID’s as well as complex components, made to your exact requirements and specified tolerances.

    The precision-cut polymer components that we manufacture, are uniquely colour-coded to identify their specific thickness, giving customers a quick visual reference to use the right shim or spacer for each application, without the requirement to use a micrometre.

    Please see our colour-coded Polymex® chart below for a full breakdown.

    Why choose Polymex® Polymers For Your Project?


    • Unique colour-coding of the material provides instant thickness identification
    • Internationally trusted and recognised products
    • High strength to weight ratio makes them a strong alternative to metallic shims due to corrosion resistance and durability
    • Specified in many of the world’s leading aerospace and automotive industries and highly technical sectors
    • Manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards in our high hygiene manufacturing facility
    • Highly durable and excellent wear-resistance
    • Excellent insulation properties
    • Chemical and oil resistance
    • Low co-efficient of friction
    • High compressive strength
    • Outstanding product performance
    • Moisture resistant so they will not swell or degrade in harsh or challenging environments
    • Extensive range of temperature tolerances

    Speak with our friendly and experienced team today and find out how custom plastic shims are the best solution for your next project.