The Pioneers

The PSG story is one of invention, innovation, and pioneering the introduction of colour-coded plastic shims and gaskets to the world.

We think different.

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Something About Us

Our Story

Our founder, Inam Gardezi, worked in the engineered shim space industry in the 1960s. Realising the limitations of a rigid material like steel and the challenges of easily distinguishing the thickness, he had the idea of using colour-coded polymers for each gauge of material.

His simple idea launched an entire industry. Plastic Shims & Gaskets was subsequently born from Inam’s home in Bethnal Green, London, in 1969. In doing so, he brought this brand-new innovative solution to the global marketplace.


“In this image Inam Gardezi is leading our London based operation before the dawn of IT filled offices, he can be best described as a thought leader in the engineered shim space.”

How it began

Our Story

Inam Gardezi introduced colour-coded polyester film to the market, PSG is born.
After a series of acquisitions, PSG became the largest polyester film converting plant in the UK at the time.
All associated companies were consolidated creating PSG Group Limited, located in the heart of Southeast London.
Lawrence Gardezi joined and grew the business steadily over the following 20 years.
New HQ site in Leicestershire opened, extending the PSG footprint.
The company was restructured for future expansion and growth.
All companies consolidated under PSG Group International Limited to further accommodate future acquisitions and expansions.
New North American site opening Phoenix Arizona.


PSG Group evolved from those humble beginnings, growing organically and through acquisition. Over the years we have increased our technical process capabilities and offerings to include the production of specialist plastic films.

Group Structure

Companies are combined under one structure, PSG Group International, which comprises of five divisions.

The Divisions

  • Carton Window Films Ltd.
  • Plastic Shims and Gaskets Co. Ltd.
  • Trade Conversion Services Ltd.
  • Archival & Conservation Materials Ltd.

The Future

Polymer Shims & Components is our latest company, due to launch in 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona, to service our US market.

A group with vision.


Completed Projects



Behind The Numbers

Group Strategy

PSG Group International ltd

Our Strategy Framework

1 To be the recognised premier global supplier of colour-coded polymer shims, gaskets, and films.

Our Mission


To help our customers achieve their aims of reducing maintenance costs, lowering downtime, and improving reliability, by providing products of the ultimate in quality and reliability to provide complete peace of mind.




Our Strategy


  1. Inspire our people to grow and develop through structured training.
  2. Deliver financial returns to reinvest in the group.
  3. Continually improve our group companies to strive for perfection.
  4. Grow our group with the carefully considered acquisition of related businesses.
  5. Expand our international footprint.


Our Strategic Priorities


  1. Build on our history of innovation to solve our customers’ problems.
  2. Continuous improvement of all aspects of our group.
  3. Obtain further advanced quality and supply approvals.

Our Values


Reliable, Innovative, Consultative

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